Let’s have a KIKI, The Trinity of Jimmy Whisk

Whats up? It’s Pickles!”

That’s all I seem to hear right now when I visit my friends, go to the pub or visit Gary my hairdresser.  It’s the new Scissor Scissor’s song, “Lets have a Kiki”.  Forgive me for thinking it may be a rude term, but its not.  Sadly.

Unknown“A Kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves, we’re spilling tea, and dishing all the just desserts one may deserve”

It’s like a line from Noel Cowards “I’ve been to a marvellous party”.  Only missing were Nunu, Nana and Nell.

It’s been a busy day. Lots to do and organise.  I know come 6pm on Friday evening I won’t get a chance to do anything as my best mate, who is a teacher is at the end of term and when he is off school, everyone is off school.  It’s the law.  So, mind over matter, I phoned Jill my PR lovely and we had a chat about whats next (she is great at structuring my rambling thoughts) and told me she was about to nip out to Zumba.  I don’t do Zumba.  I don’t know what it is, but I know her mate Chris is a Zumba instructor in Kent.  Note to Chis, if you called yourself a ‘teacher’ rather than an ‘instructor’ you could have the weekend / summer off too!  I’ve just got my head around the Moroccan food Za’atar, so Zumba…mmmmmm?   Z was never a letter for me.  For those of you wondering, za’atar is a herb and spice blend from the Mediterranean and is going to be one of the next food trends, I can just see the ‘Barts’ packaging on the supermarket shelves as I type.

I’ve been so busy all day that I grabbed a salad for lunch in Marks and Spencer only to open it to find it was quinoa.  That may be fashionable, its not blokes food.

Jill is basically telling me to get fit.  I do remind her I don’t pay her for such insults.  She is a sweetie.  She then asks (politely may I add) how I’m gong to finish my trinity.  Well, she ‘labbits’ on; there was Jubilee Jimmy, and then Jet-lag Jimmy (post China) “what are you doing for the Olympics“.  Living in London I had happily forgotten that it all starts next week so I reminded her that “Javelin Jimmy” was not making an appearance.  Jill sent me to the pool for a calm down.  You see 30 minutes before this I spent the day fighting with my mobile operator as my iPhone battery had just died 1 month before my contract was up,  Would they help.  No.  I did what Jill told me to do and went for a swim.  I live in Clapham in South West London.  The posh end may I add.  We have a new pool. Fabulous.  I swam and forgot my cares.  I’m now Jubilant Olympic Jimmy, I’m going to do a bit of swimming from now on. My bit for London 2012.

I fellt great now for that swim. I’m going to do it again tomorrow.  Come and join Jubilant Olympic Jimmy at Clapham Leisure Centre on Clapham Manor Street.

“So, Lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine, and put on your heals cause I know exactly what you need.  LETS HAVE A KIKI

I’m looking forward to a marvelous party at the weekend,   I don’t think I could like it any more!

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