Look Who’s Talking – podcast (jm)

I’ve been talking for approximately twenty-eight years now, so you would think that I would have become pretty good at it.

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will speedily inform you that I can talk until they cows come home.

In fact, the cows could be milked, have their hooves cleaned and get sent back out to pasture again, and I’d still be talking.

Talking is an important part of my job. If I’m doing a cookery demonstration, lecturing university students or presenting at a conference, I’m expected to bring my motor-mouth with me, and it should be fully fuelled and ready for a lot of miles.

Please spare a thought for my poor mother, who, by the time I had turned six, had practically patented the phrase “Give my head peace.” When I was starting up my home economics consultancy, Whisk, a close Scottish friend suggested that Whisht would be more appropriate.

So, you can picture my surprise today when I sat down to record my very first Podcast. Never did I suspect that such a simple task would cause me so many problems. After all, how difficult can sitting down in front of a microphone, hitting the record button and talking be? I’ve been thinking and talking about my website and accompanying book for so long now that it should have been as easy as (pardon the cooking pun) pie, but it didn’t quite turn out like that. You could say that this pie was soggy and sinking in the middle (in cooking that’s due to too low an oven temperature)

But, after I had overcome the initial jitters, I started to relax and stopped wincing at the sound of my own voice. The key is to stop thinking about the fact that you are speaking to an inanimate object, and start imagining that you are having a gossip with an old pal.

You can hear the results over here.

I’ll be recording regular Podcasts during the coming months.

I hope you enjoy them.

Who knows: I might even enjoy them too.

Thanks for listening.

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