Mix.ed Emotions

It’s a strange experience seeing your own name in print.

Particularly when it is splashed across the front of a book that you have written.

In case you don’t already know (which, if you are a regular reader, is not likely), I just published my first cookbook, mix. While browsing in a big name store at the weekend, I happened across a few lonely copies of (gasp) a book that I had personally written.

I should add that mix. was on offer at a massively reduced price – the pirates!

Immediately, I felt an overwhelming mixture of emotions.

First there was panic, as I frantically checked that my name had been spelt correctly, and that Antony Worrall Thompson’s had been too. Believe me, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Then there was relief: the past months have involved a hectic schedule of writing, redrafting, proofing, meeting with publishers, deciphering copyright guidelines etc., so I am fairly glad that this part of the journey is now over.

Finally, and I’m not ashamed to admit this, I felt proud.

Proud of the team who have supported me through this project, who have been so willing to help me out with hard work, advice and friendly words at all hours of the day. They are never more than a phone call away.

And proud of myself that I was able to realise my dream of publishing a cookbook with a real purpose and vision. It’s been a long and occasionally stony road that has led me to this point, but I can say with conviction that it has been worth it.

So, if you can ignore the fact that my mug is on the cover, you can order copies of mix. right over here.

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