More tasting then meeting a friend with good taste!

What a day of food! It started with breakfast today which was scotch eggs, then sandwiches, then roasts, then prepared vegetables, cakes, ice cream and juices, but I’ve left out about 30 categories in between! What a final day at The Grocer Gold Awards 2012.

It’s very interesting to taste blind, and then have the brands revealed at the end. One thing this has taught me is that perceived perception of brands does not equate to quality of food! A mix-and-match of supermarkets in the uk for quality of food is needed.
Today is a busy day. I have many runs to do to Heathrow as its the start of London Book Fair and all at the Gourmand World Cookbook awards are arriving, my international colleagues and friends. I’m especially looking forward to seeing my friend Jimmy Yeung – a major star of China Food TV. Jimmy and I, together with German Chef Chakall, spent 40 days in a bus together in China in 2009 presenting the award winning series “Food Adventures on the Silk Road”. Jimmy (who is now a close friend) has never been to London before. Will he like the culture? The nightlife? The food? I wonder. He looked after me in China so I’m really looking forward to showing him my fabulous capital city. I spent hours yesterday in the Chinese supermarket looking for 1,000 year eggs (Google it, not for the western palate!) and other things!
This is a busy week ahead, I will keep you updated with the adventures of James and Jimmy, and will tell you about other people that I will also be spending time with. Especially Suzanne Husseini from Dubai – she is launching her English book this week and I’m going to ask her to provide a recipe for you later and tell you all about Arabic cooking. Watch this space!
Have a great week!

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