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I went to Moyallon Primary school, a small school in Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland with only 197 pupils.  It was part of an idyllic childhood.  Moyallon Foods, nearby to the school produces the best meat to have won many Great Taste Awards.

Untitled-1Great Taste Awards are not easy things to win, so to get 26 starts for 20 different products in one year is something special.  Owned by Hannan Meats in the nearby town of Moira, products are available in Fortnum and Mason as well as on Mark Hix’s restaurant menus.

Guanciale is one of Moyallon’s special products, it’s an unsmoked Italian pork jowl that is cured using salt, sugar, garlic, woody herbs and wine.

Curing of Moyallon's Guanciale

Curing of Moyallon’s Guanciale

Peter Hannan, owner says:

“While we will start supplying premium quality meat aged from our unique Himalayan salt chamber into Fortnum and Mason in April, we launched our alliance with Fortnum and Mason by purchasing some exceptional beef from Northern Ireland farmers at Allam’s traditional Christmas Show in Belfast. This was used in the London store for a special launch last month.

“This prestigious agreement is also immensely important for our farm suppliers who provide consistently high quality Glenarm Shorthorn and European Angus cattle as part of an arrangement which ensures them good returns for animals.”

Hannan will provide dry-aged beef from its unique Himalayan Salt Chamber, the only one of its type in Europe.

Mr Hannan adds: “The therapeutic benefits of Himalayan Salt have been known for many years particularly among the Chinese who have been using it for over 1000 years. However its usage in the dry-ageing of meat is only a recent phenomenon, and is the result of many years of research. The salt has a very high mineral content. Through the process of ionisation, the negative ions from the salt counteract the positive ions of meat, and result in a totally unique sweet and flavoursome end product. It is not the salt alone, but a combination of temperature, humidity, and light combined, that deliver supreme dry-aged meat.”


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