Out and about with the AGA Total Control Van

One of the most attractive qualities about the appliance industry is that it puts on events all year round. Naturally, these fairs, shows and festivals become more frequent during the Summer and Christmas seasons, those times when people are primarily concerned with eating and drinking. Those who were so inclined could spend the entire Summer holidays travelling from one food event to another where they would find a thriving, hugely exciting culture of goods made by everyone from well-known corporations to burgeoning home businesses.

Such gatherings are undeniably exciting. It is heartwarming to see people who care deeply about food selling quality produce to people who care just as deeply. There is a spirit of bonhomie and mutual support at these events which could not be fabricated. This should explain why AGA Rangemasters presence at such fairs and meetings is vital: AGA care about food and the people who make it. The company has invested a significant amount of time, money and ingenuity researching how to successfully integrate a cooker into a working kitchen, and in turn a home.

I have just returned from the Battersea Food Festival where I was able to not only witness this aforementioned love of good produce firsthand but also demonstrate the benefits of cooking with AGA Total Control. I arrived in the van described in my previous blog entry, chuckling to myself at the thought of those similar vehicles which escorted guests to the recent royal wedding. There was a different kind of royalty in attendance here: an impressive roster of executive chefs from The Ivy, Le Caprice and many others were performing at the AGA Rangemaster cookery theatre. This was quite the coup as these professionals had a bounty of prestigious Michelin stars between them.

James McIntosh cooking on the AGA Total Control at Battersea Foodies Festival

James McIntosh cooking on the AGA Total Control at Battersea Foodies Festival

Elsewhere, Jean-Carlo Caldesi, whose Italian restaurant in Marylebone has helped revitalise the area, cooked delicious pizza using the AGA Total Control. When he removed it from the oven and sliced through the unctuous cheese and crisp base every mouth in the audience watered in unison.

I parked the AGA Total Control van and opened the back doors so the crowd could see the cooker in all its glory. I cooked on another AGA Total Control, explaining the user-friendly appeal of the technology. When I gave out the goodies – tantalising trays of meringues, canapes, shortbread and flapjacks – to the audience members, they could taste the results for themselves. It was a fantastic moment. It cheered the heart to think that hundreds of similar moments will be happening at other food festivals next weekend and the weekend after and the weekend after that.

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