The 3 Musketeers

In France they would be Athos, Porthos and Aramis, but in China they are Chakall, Jimmy and yours truly.

In 2009 we co-presented a 20 part tv series for China Food TV called “Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2”. We travelled on a bus with 13 members of TV crew for 40 days and to be honest I struggled. The TV series won Best TV series in China at the China TV Awards in December past and the book (in both Chinese and English) tells of our travels. You can watch a clip HERE.

Untitled-9This week the 3 of us were at the London BookFair to launch the English version of the book, and what fun we had recounting the stories together of our days travelling. Discovering new foods, learning new cooking styles, cooking in fantastic places including at the Great Wall. Things I will never forget.

Dinner in China Town was next. How lovely to introduce Jimmy to Western Chinese. As he said over dinner, if it tastes of lamb in China, it’s dog. Say no more.


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