The Drink Factory

Drink Factory is a collective of like-minded bartenders and artists looking to expand their knowledge of drinks, aroma and flavour.  A research centre and creative space, Drink Factory lab is a hub of innovative activity exploring the interaction between science and art.

Untitled-3Based in the heart of Islington, the Drink Factory is currently situated in an old recording studio that once belonged to Pink Floyd.  Used to host lectures, trainings, consultations and workshops, the creative space also holds a complex lab where the team conducts research and product development for clients and the Drink Factory’s affiliated bars.

Continually seeking to innovate and push the boundaries of the their respective crafts, the Drink Factory team collaborates with a wide selection of revered experts from around the world.  Food and drink scientists, chefs, perfumers, chocolatiers and designers have worked with, and continue to inspire, the team in achieving unique and groundbreaking results.

Recent innovations include the examination of how individuals consume food and drink – distorting the concept of what should be ‘eaten’ or ‘drunk’ through the integration of the two experiences.  Further experiments have resulted in the use of tree bark, flint and vegetation within recipes to unlock unique flavour molecules.

Drink Factory hosts an international Stage Programme for bartenders and other enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines.  Allowing visitors to study many new techniques and practices, the programme offers the opportunity to work alongside the team to assist in research development.

The Drink Factory team is led by Tony Conigliaro.  Widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading drinks pioneers, Tony has received a variety of awards and accolades throughout his career reaffirming his position as one of the most respected bartenders in his field.

Providing a unique consultation service, the Drink Factory team offers new skills and concepts for all disciplines working in aroma and flavour.  With a collective ambition to develop the consumers’ understanding and appreciation of taste and smell, the Drink Factory is a leading pioneer and useful research tool for like-minded individuals and businesses world-wide.

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