The Eye Of The Storm

At the moment, life is just like a huge wave. Some days, when I am full of pep, have enjoyed a good sleep, and stress is not jangling my nerve endings like a set of jailer’s keys, I feel as if I am right top of that wave, coasting on the surf, outwards from the beach, as far as it will take me. At others, it feels as if I am flailing beneath it, floundering under the water as it crashes and booms in my eardrums.

The reason for this strange mixture of emotions, and for my absence from blogging over the past while, is that I am currently caught up in a whirlwind of busyness. Old and new projects are speeding headlong towards the station on which I stand at a rapid rate, and I’m trying to decide which one to get on – or else I’m the controller trying to stop them all from derailing.

I realise that I am speaking mostly in metaphors here – and I have quite probably mixed a few – but I am trying my hardest not to say anything I shouldn’t. These are exciting times, friends, but they are also anxious times. I’ve been working so hard on my brand for so long now that I find it difficult to accept that it is almost coming to fruition. It’s odd to think of myself as a “brand” – to look at my name and realise that it is now just as associated with my cookbooks, cookery demos and website as it is with my childhood, my school days or my time at university. My name no longer belongs to just me.

Again, the cause of this soul-searching is that there is, to be vague, a lot going on. And it’s all very exciting. I can’t really elaborate on that – which is akin to giving somebody a brightly-coloured cracker and then telling not allowing them to pull it – but I can tell you that that I’ve been working hard and keeping myself out of trouble. I’ve been doing demos and filming videos and working on some promotion and thinking up new ideas for concepts and books. And, if you would allow me to blow my own trumpet – or rather, play my own entire orchestra – it’s been going pretty well. I’ll be revealing more about what exactly has been shaking in casa McIntosh in the New Year, but until then I’ll be blogging more regularly.

I have to go. The wave is surging again.

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