The mother of modern Greek cooking – Vefa

There are many we met along life’s way that mentor, teach and guide us.  Some that we see weekly, others we see once or twice a year.  The kind hearted who are older and talk to us about their careers and ask us questions about ours, those that guide, befriend and are genuine.  Please meet Vefa, a lady that is good to me.  In the past I have written about Vefa’s daughter Alexia and sent a lovely evening at the Frankfurt Book Fair with Vefa over dinner.

Vefa Alexiadou, a gifted cook from Greece, is the leading culinary authority in Greece today.  During her frequent trips and extended studies abroad, she furthered her knowledge of culinary arts, food styling, table decoration, nutrition and dietetics.

In 1980 Vefa self-published “Invitation to dinner”, fulfilling a life-long dream of creating a “user-friendly” cookbook. An immediate success, it firmly established Vefa Alexiadou Editions in the competitive world of cookbook publishing. After three more cookbooks in the “invitation” series, she revitalized interest in traditional Greek cookery for a whole new generation of urban cooks with her 2-volume premier work, “Greek Cuisine” and “Greek Pastries and Desserts”, published in 1989-91 in both Greek and English. To date she has published a total of 11 cookbooks, of which three are available in English. During the past 5 years 3 titles at least, have appeared monthly on the Greek best sellers list. Also her books “Greek Cuisine” and “Greek Pastries and Desserts” as reported in the Hellenic Literature Society’s Newsletter, “Greece in Print”, are listed as best sellers among Greeks of the Diaspora in 36 countries.

Since 1990 she has appeared daily on Greek Antenna TV’s most popular morning coffee show where she continues to pass the Greek food traditions to hundreds of thousands of households, making her the First Lady of Greek Cuisine. By popular request from Greek readers and viewers eager to acquire her books and products and utensils mentioned in them, she conceived in 1994 the idea of “Vefa’s House” franchise which counts today 20 stores around Greece.


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