The World in One City

Things I love:

Cooking, London, Travel and AGA.

My mission is to bring them all together.

Untitled-1London is the world in one city, which means that all great dishes from across the world must be prepared somewhere in London, within London. I intend to find them and cook the recipes on the AGA cooker, as the AGA is the best cooker in the world, whatever the cuisine.

Armed with a map of the world and a map of London, I intend to find restaurants and food producers where you can find food cooked the Algerian and the Zambian way (via Inner and Outer Mongolia!).

Meeting the chefs of the world and asking them to show me what piece of cookery equipment expresses best the nature of their cooking technique – to be included in Divertimenti’s celebratory list of the worlds cooking equipment to show off on its 50th anniversary.

I have travelled to over 30 countries including China and America to see their cuisine and explained why whatever the technique the AGA cooks it best. To prove my point there is no need to leave London because the worlds’ cooking is here.

So, tell me, do you know anyone who has a restaurant that wants to take part in my map of world food in London?

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