Video Killed The Radio Star…


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was talking about my photo-shoot for the cover of dinner., and how peculiar the whole affair was. There is nothing quite like somebody telling you to act natural while they point a camera in your direction. Frankly, the whole process is distinctly unnatural. At first it’s perturbing, but when you ease into it and ignore the flashes and shutter clicks, it’s actually quite fun. [youtube=]

So much fun that I got a taste for being on the other side of the lens. Call me an attention grabber if you will, but if you take a wander across to YouTube you can find a new clutch of videos featuring yours truly.

Yes, it’s part of my strategy to develop a media presence and publicise my range of cookbooks, but it’s also a way of keeping people up to speed with all of the projects I am juggling right now. If you’re at all curious to know what I sound and look like, or want to hear a bit more about what I do, click here.

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