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Just popping by with a quick update. No need to put the kettle on or fetch the French fancies from that biscuit tin you keep for special occasions.

You might already know that I have my very own channel on YouTube. If you grow tired of looking up viral videos of cats playing the piano or celebrities falling over, you can see clips featuring me cooking and the other things I get up to.

I’ve just added two new videos. I’m very excited about the first. It’s the opening sequence to the television series I shot last summer in China. The show is called Food Adventures On The Silk Road 2, and it will be hitting your television screens sometime soon. The clip only lasts around thirty seconds, but I have to say that I’m greatly impressed with what they have done. When you’re filming a series, it’s difficult to imagine exactly how it will turn out. In fact, the rational part of your brain doubts that it will ever happen at all. I have to confess that while watching the titles – and I’m not too vain to admit that I have watched it several times already – that it did send shivers spiraling up the nape of my neck. It reminded me of so many new, exciting and frightening experiences I had last year. I was very far away from home, not just outside my regular timezone but also my comfort zone, but fortunately I had Jimmy and Chakall to keep me right. They’re the less handsome ones in the clip.


Secondly, as you will have read I’ve been whizzing around the globe again. One of my responsibilities as the North American AGA Brand Ambassador is to “Make Great British Cookers Famous”. Both the title and the mission statement give me a great sense of national pride. Then there is the product itself. I know this might sound disingenuous, but I am impressed by the versatility of the AGA PRO+. Allow me to talk shop for a moment: the 36″ self-clean pro range has many great features, most notably an “Energy Saving Panel” that will convert a large 4.9 cu.ft family oven into a smaller 3.4 cu.ft oven. It can heat up to 375F (180C) in under eight minutes, but at the same time can save up to 30% of running costs – an attractive feature in our environmentally friendly times. If you want to find out more about the range of designer colours or matching appliances, check out the video link below.


Right, that’s me. Told you it was a flying visit.

James McIntosh

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